Thursday, June 2, 2011

O, Canada, part two

I was asked by the Nashville Songwriters Association, International (a group to which all songwriters should belong) to headline their music festival, Tin Pan North, in Toronto, Canada. Sharing the headline with me were Andy Kim, Danny Wells, Frank Myers, and my wife, Lynn Gillespie Chater. We performed one show Friday night, gave the Canadian writers workshops and seminars all day Saturday, and ended with a performance Saturday night.
I must say we had a great time meeting the new and upcoming writers. Let me tell you you’re going to hear some super songs coming out of Canada in the near future. But the overwhelming feeling for me was that I had come full circle, so to speak, by being back in the land of my birth, and now I was given an opportunity to inspire those taking their first steps on the road of songwriting.
I’ve been fortunate to make a living at songwriting. Now, I tell friends I’m going to retire, but I know, and they know, that no one ever really retires from songwriting. Along with this imagined retirement comes the opportunity to give back by helping the new writers coming up.
In the coming weeks, my blog will focus on all aspects of songwriting, including songwriting form, producing demos and CDs, pitching to artists, and being your own publisher. In the new world of the music business, be prepared to do everything yourself. The more you know, the better your chances.   

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